Packing our luggage, for many, is a challenge. The famous question "have I forgotten something?" leads us to the point of traveling over-equipped, so much so that we forget the essential thinking about "just in case".

In today's travel edition of our blog, we want to give you some tips, which will not only help you take your cosmetics efficiently on your trip, but will also help you to get mentally minded to pack your suitcase efficiently.


1. Cold or hot?

Just as we select our clothes according to the destination to which we will travel, we must also know how to select our cosmetics. A very useful tip when traveling is to check the weather conditions beforehand.

In case the temperatures are very high, the main thing should be those cosmetics that protect you from the sun and its radiation, as well as those products that help your skin to regenerate due to excess sun, such as a gel of Aloe Vera , which has great potential to repair damage caused by the sun thanks to its great anti-inflammatory power.

Aloe Vera Gel

For cold destinations, the essentials should be those super moisturizing products, since the cold tends to dry our skin a lot. In these cases, we must think about those areas that are more prone to dry out, such as elbows, knees, and heels, and pack products such as Body Butter Sticks , which are an excellent option thanks to their practical packaging, as well as their high efficiency in combating acne symptoms. dry.

Body Butter Stick

2. How long will your trip last?

Answering this question is key to knowing what products I should include in my luggage and in what presentation.

If your trip is relatively short, keep in mind that many of the distributors of our frequently used products have small samples or even Travel Size formats. A single call to your trusted distributor will be enough to equip you with some samples of your frequently used products that will help you greatly reduce the space occupied in your suitcase by the original version of them.

If, on the contrary, your trip lasts a little longer, remember to equip only the essentials by answering this question: when I do my care routine, what products are the ones that cannot be missing? When equipping them, especially those liquid products, put them in a small zippered case, and if you want double protection, cover the spout where they could spill with plastic tape, thus avoiding loss of product and unwanted disasters.

3. Essentials!

This tip is for everyone, but especially for those who have an advanced skin care routine:

Cleaning, moisturizing and protecting should be our mental calligraphy when it comes to personal care, but here is the dilemma, when our care routine involves more cosmetics, such as extra treatments, it fills us with nostalgia just thinking that it will not be necessary to take it with us since it is not a product that we apply daily or that using it could be counterproductive given the weather conditions, even so it is the favorite of our routine.

Well, here is the advice, the best thing we can do when we are traveling is to minimize our routine to the basics, cleanliness, hydration and protection, especially on short trips, since climate changes could affect directly the condition of our skin, causing that favorite product not to act in the same way that it has been acting all this time.

So no nostalgia, the important thing is to be able to give our skin the care it needs and keep it hydrated and protected with products like our SPF 15 Moisturizing Facial Cream , which is an excellent option to take care of our face, you will even feel how your skin cares. They'll appreciate it and respond wonderfully to reintroducing treatment products into your routine.


4. The Make Up!

Let's talk about occasions in this tip:

We know that each trip is a different experience, in some social outings to restaurants or clubs predominate, some visits to new places, some others, those places we always frequent and use to disconnect our minds like our house in the country or the beach .

The use of makeup depends a lot on the destination we visit. In the event that make-up is essential for your trip, we recommend making two cases, a small one that you can keep in your purse or carry-on suitcase containing only those products that help you touch up your make-up, and another that you can carry in your large suitcase, so that you can balance the weight and have at hand the most practical for the occasion. If you have a palette of shadows or contour that does not fit in it, be sure to wrap it, it can be with some thick item of your clothing, so that it is not affected in case of any sudden movement of it.

Now, do you travel with the intention of disconnecting? Will you spend most of the time in your country house surrounded by nature or on the beach? If the answer is yes, giving skin a break from makeup and getting rid of that extra weight in the suitcase sounds like an irresistible idea!

ready for my trip

5. Bottle packs!

Did you know that some stores and/or pharmacies sell travel kits with empty bottles so that you can transfer part of your products such as shampoo, conditioner, body and/or facial creams, in smaller and more practical formats for your suitcase?

If you didn't know, they exist! And they come in different presentations, packs of 4 or 6 bottles of 2, 4 or even 6 oz, some with mini-jars of ½ or 1 oz, ideal for your favorite creams or facial masks such as the famous Golden Facial Mask , a cosmetic that It is the perfect plan to fight the fatigue of the trip, create a relaxing environment worthy of the moment and help cell regeneration to show off impeccable skin during our stay, in this way you can take your essential products with you without having to sacrifice any space in Your suitcase.


Hygiene, care, and why not? Seeing ourselves beautiful during a trip is also part of the experience, and at Orgliz we are pleased to be able to be part of it by providing you with tools that you can use to facilitate your encounter with beauty during your vacations.

How about we continue talking about the 5 tips to take your travel cosmetics based on your experience? Tell us in the comments what your biggest problem is when packing your cosmetics for your trip and we will find a solution for you!

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