This is probably one of the most played topics in the corridors of Orgliz: the GLOW of the skin, we LOVE IT!

This trend has created an important impact in recent times, both for Make Up Artists and for professionals in the aesthetic area, including those who develop Skin Care products, and yes, for us at OrglizLab!

Before we begin to tell you many of the interesting things that we have brought about this topic, we want to clarify: the brightness of the glow will never be the same as having skin that looks greasy! That is why the title of this blog refers to the Caribbean Skin Glow because we know and recognize that the extreme temperatures to which we are subjected daily cause a more accelerated production of sebum, which sometimes leads us to wear a skin with excess oil, at least in the case of mixed & oily skin.

However, all skin types, including the last mentioned, can look radiant, regardless of skin tone or trend. The trick is in the use of moisturizing and moisturizing creams and ingredients known for their contribution to brightening the skin.

At Orgliz we have been betting for 6 continuous years on the natural and conscious development of cosmetics as well as the creation of rituals to obtain desired results, so that the path to radiant skin, capable of reflecting health and beauty everywhere, we know by heart. and this time we want to share it with you:


The correct cleaning of our skin is a key factor to be able to show off a glowing skin, since this is what will allow us to have bacteria-free skin, avoiding the formation of sebum. Deep cleansing and the use of non-aggressive soaps with purifying effects properly prepare the skin to achieve the desired result.


Removing dead skin so that moisture penetrates better is KEY. Within this point we also want to highlight something that we do not usually take into account: the removal of facial hair, but be careful with this, it is important that you get proper advice from your trusted beautician about the least invasive procedures that allow you to remove hair without mistreat your skin

            And since we are impatient at OrglizLab, this point is a small clue to what we bring this 2022.

            PLUS HYDRATION ++++

Caribbean skins, living in such humid and hot environments, tend to sweat more than normal, so the hydration plus in this case would not be heavier creams, on the contrary, light moisturizing serums or gel-creamy textures to Hyaluronic acid based ingredients are the way to go, as this ingredient helps hold up to 1000 times its weight in water in our skin, making it a drink for our skin.

Will this be another sponsor of 2022? We are looking forward to telling you!

            HEALTHY SKIN

            One of the properties of luminous skin is balance, which is why skin diseases such as allergies, rosacea, acne, etc., tend to slow down the process. For this point, it is necessary to consult your doctor before self-medicating or starting any treatment, so you would be saving time and money.

            It is important to mention that the USE OF SPF IS ESSENTIAL. In addition to protecting ourselves from skin cancer, we take care of  unwanted hyperpigmentation that does not benefit when looking for more radiant results.


            Radiant skin needs to be full of moisture in order to show off juicy finishes. Ingredients such as squalane and macadamia oils are highly recommended as their composition is very similar to the oils we have internally, making them highly compatible.

            Also, Shea butter, avocado oil and sesame oil are other highly recommended ingredients, since they take care of the melanin of the skin, making it look wonderful. In addition, shea butter has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which protect the skin from free radicals present in the environment.

            HEALTHY HABITS

            If you have been a follower of ours for a long time, you should know, if you are new, we will let you know: at Orgliz WE BELIEVE in rituals as part of beauty, so dedicating a space of your time to pamper your body It will help eliminate stress, which will allow your blood flow to increase and consequently, your skin will look younger. Also, daily exercises and a correct diet, balanced and rich in antioxidants, will provide your skin with the necessary conditions to be able to reflect the desired glow.

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