The lips are a very delicate, sensitive and important part of our face, they are our letter of representation and reflect our personality.

These are affected by sudden changes in temperature, nutritional imbalance and dehydration, which cause annoying cracks, which not only look aesthetically bad, but also cause pain and discomfort and it is for this reason that we must give them the care they deserve, without compromise our health.

To maintain healthy, firm lips, the first thing is to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet, secondly, keep your lips protected from the Sun and the cold with the use of lip balms and lip gloss without preservatives, free of chemicals and rich in butter, beeswax and vegetable oils and third, exfoliate at least once a week, to remove dead cells and help cell regeneration.

Our Strawberry, Cocoa and Grape Lip Balms are made with beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, vitamin E and natural pigments.

Our Lip Glosses are made with avocado butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, clays, vitamin E and natural pigments.

Our lip scrub has pure rosehip oil and shea butter as active ingredients.

These products are free of mineral oils, do not contain synthetic fragrances, are not tested on animals, do not contain parabens, or any kind of preservatives.

Among the chemicals that we must avoid in lipsticks, we can cite the following:

1- Petrolatums (paraffinum liquidum, petrolatum, paraffin): they are cheap and low-quality ingredients but they work well in the short term, since they create a protective film that prevents the lip from dehydrating. But they can clog the skin and are derived from petroleum, so they contain impurities and harm the environment.

2- Water: More water means less "active" ingredients and more preservatives.

3- Preservatives: Good quality balms cannot have preservatives (paraben, phenoxyethanol) and should contain little water.

4- Antioxidants such as BHT and BHA: they are used to better preserve the product but they harm the environment and can cause allergies.

5- Colorants: they are useless, environmentally harmful and can cause allergies, so it is better to avoid them, unless they are natural pigments.

6- Perfumes: better that they contain few and above all that they do not carry allergens (limonene, citral, linalool, benzyl benzoate).

7- Artificial fragrances. They are considered dangerous because they are bioaccumulative and are suspected of causing reproductive and endocrine system disorders. It has also been observed that once on the skin they can cause allergies, pain

headaches, dizziness, dark spots on the skin, loss of concentration and even cancer.

8- Chemical filters: such as benzophenone-3, which can cause allergies.

Having all this information at hand, do not forget to include the care of your lips in your beauty and well-being rituals. Make smart choices about the products to use. We can look and feel beautiful, without compromising our health.
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