When February arrives we think about sharing, giving and showing that affection for the people you love, especially when we talk about couples. However, when was the last time that showing you love was your priority? We know, we do not judge you, you are not wrong, that is why in today's blog we want to talk to you more about this act, why it is important, and also, give you some advice regarding habits and rituals that could help you practice this act that not only nourishes your heart, but also your physical and emotional health.


Self-love is a state of appreciation for ourselves, which grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. However, these actions may not be the same for everyone, therefore, learning to listen to our body in the face of those actions that feed our overall health is the first act of self-love that we can show ourselves.

Here we leave you a small reflection exercise: Think about your last two weeks (it can be more if necessary) and move to that moment in which you did something alone, for example: going to the living room, going for a walk, reading, talking with your friends, and that generated peace for you, would you know how to identify it? If so, we invite you to make this act a habit that you can adapt from time to time, according to your need and your time. That's what it's all about, turning self-love into a habit in your life.


In addition to taking care of our health, as we mentioned before, self-love directly influences our daily behavior, positively influencing our body and mind, in this way:

  • We become more aware: Until we reach the point of knowing exactly what we think, feel and want.
  • It helps us make conscious decisions: Staying focused on what we need, leaving aside what we want, in this way we stay away from automatic behaviors that keep us tied to problems, to the past and/or with a lack of self-love.
  • We learn to practice self-care: We learn to love more when we take better care of our basic needs. When self-love is part of our routine, we tend to create healthy habits that feed our personal growth, such as good nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy, and healthy social relationships.


At OrglizLab, love and personal care was, continues and will continue to be the starting engine of all our projects. For this reason, in the month of love and friendship we want to give you some rituals that can help you cultivate habits that nurture your self-esteem:

  • A good bubble bath , with good music or perhaps the podcast or book of your choice, can help you clear your mind and find that tranquility and peace.
    synonymous with love

  • We know that a massage is sometimes capable of calming even the emotions, not counting bodily discomfort due to overwork and accumulated stress. Aromatic body massage candles are an excellent natural option since, in addition to hydrating your body, they are capable of providing therapy from their relaxing aromas.


  • One of the advantages of cosmetics is that it allows us to take care of ourselves from the comfort of our home thanks to products such as body scrubs , facial masks , or skin care routines that we can apply in the comfort of our home, perhaps accompanied by good music and aromatic candles, which give us that feeling of renewal and save us a lot of time, in addition to helping us cultivate the habit of giving ourselves love thanks to the practicality that these routines offer us at home.


    I think we should warn you that doing this activity at home can become one of those good addictions! Find a small space in our house, disconnect from the cell phone and work our mind so that it is present only in the now , giving us a day at the Spa, with sea salts, Adas powder, body scrubs and moisturizing balms , it sounds like living in a fairy tale what do you think?

    We hope that on this Valentine's Day you will stop and value yourself. Love yourself, take time and enjoy every moment you take to take care of yourself and pamper yourself.

    Self love is real love.

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