As time goes by, and we grow, our interests change, however, there is something that always remains constant over time and that is that no matter what phase of our lives we find ourselves in, the search for well -being will always be present.

If we take a closer look at the general concept of well-being, we will find references to a state of satisfaction and personal tranquility that is usually achieved from correctly satisfied physical and mental conditions, it is precisely on this field that neurocosmetics delves. .

For many years, cosmetics has been in charge of combating external factors that affect our skin, such as excess radiation, intense heat or cold, pollution, etc. However, stress, anxiety, excitement or embarrassment do not They not only give our skin a different tone, but also induce sensitivity to it, in fact, certain alterations or skin conditions are aggravated or improved with certain emotional states.

Our skin is a reflection of our interior and it is something that has been recognized in scientific circles in recent years. Nutricosmetics is a living example, it studies those foods or food supplements with favorable cosmetic purposes. Likewise, neurocosmetics is born, from that relationship (already known) that bases its study on the fact that the brain and the skin are connected.

The mechanism of action of the cosmetics that fall into this category must comply with the excitation of the nerve endings of the dermis, which, consequently, will send signals to our limbic system, which regulates the physiological and emotional responses of our body. The concept of neurocosmetics is still under construction, however, there are more and more studies that are made on these ingredients and their therapeutic action.

Among the most outstanding so far, we can find:

1) Frankincense Extract: Powerful anti-inflammatory that has been shown to regulate cortisol and ultimately restore collagen.

2) Rhodiola rosea root extract: powerful antioxidant that stimulates the production of beta-endorphins to improve mood and reduce tension.

3) Copaiba Oleoresin Extract: Contains large amounts of beta-endorphins that interact with cannabinol receptors in the body that release beta-endorphins.

It is predicted that natural cosmetics will have a lot to do with the development of these neurocosmetics by basing their formulations on natural active ingredients whose action, for the most part, is therapeutic, and OrglizLab loves this prediction! Our brand, from the beginning, has been committed to the well-being of the skin as a result of good habits and nutrition, rituals, exercises, etc., which is why we join this research to offer you, in the not too distant future, the benefits of neurocosmetics under our brand name.

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