Overexposure to UV rays + a high level of humidity

They create different needs in the skin and can worsen existing ones such as hyperpigmentation, excess sebum, dehydration, premature photoaging, among others.

what you need to know

  • Made in the Dominican Republic
  • Unique formulas of natural and organic ingredients
  • Produced in certified laboratories ISO9001 Certification
  • FDA Registered (US Food and Drug Administration)
  • Our skin care lines are formulated to treat different reactions to tropical climates , preparing the skin with the nutrients to combat hot and humid temperatures.
  • Salon or Spa

    Our products will elicit an immediate positive reaction from your clients, providing a flawless skin finish and a memorable experience.

  • Shop

    We formulate cosmetics to treat the needs of skin exposed to hot and humid climates. We have 5 product lines that your clients will love to include in their beauty and wellness rituals.

  • Hotels

    Our product catalog will elevate your customers' experience, promoting excellence through the use of quality personal care products, made with the finest selection of botanical ingredients.

  • Pharmacy

    Our products have reached the pharmacy sector with a boom given its direct link to well-being and care, beyond image. At orgliz we believe that healthy skin is more beautiful and happier skin.

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